XPilot is an open-source 2-dimensional space combat simulator which is playable over the internet. Multiple players can connect to a central XPilot server and compete in many varieties of game play, such as free-for-all combat, capture-the-flag, or team combat. Each player controls a space-ship that can turn, thrust, and shoot. There is often a variety of weapons and ship upgrades available on the particular map in which they play. The game uses synchronized client/server networking to allow for solid network play.

Sel Bot

Xpilot-AI is being developed as a platform for research in autonomous agent learning.

Modifications have been made to XPilot to create a system for testing artificial intelligence (AI) agent learning systems. The XPilot client, which a player uses to join with an XPilot server, is mainly used to display relevant information about the game world to the player and to capture keyboard and mouse input that it sends it to the server. Between each frame, the client receives from the server information that is needed to display the player's ship and the surroundings. This information is intercepted and converted into variables relevant for use with an AI agent. Keyboard strokes and mouse movements to control the ship are simulated.