These will return -1 if the buffer has no shot at the given index.  Buffer is sorted near (nearest at 0) to far.  Shots that are not on the screen should not be in the buffer.

int shotAlert(int idx) - Returns a danger rating of a shot, the smaller the number the more likely the shot is to hit the ship.

int shotX(int idx) - Returns the X coordinate of a shot on the map.

int shotY(int idx) - Returns the Y coordinate of a shot on the map.

int shotDist(int idx) - Returns the distance of a shot from the ship.

int shotVel(int idx) - Returns the velocity of a shot. (Technically speed, velocity is a vector, not a scalar)

int shotVelDir(int idx) - Returns the direction of the velocity of a shot.  (in degrees)

int aimdir(int idx) - Returns the direction that the ship needs to turn to in order to face the enemy in degrees.  Fails and returns -1 under a few conditions.